About Me

      Any object in the world can reference artistic intent and be brought to life with material expertise. In the process of my exploration, I first look towards the form. My love of material manipulation leads me to rigorous material study. I explored as much of the material as possible. The creation of the work is random at the beginning, leading me down a path to an unknown, exciting conclusion. My ideas are complex and varied taken from both my conscious and subconscious. 

      Through the understanding of the material and the process, I find a way to express the object’s meaning to the world. By wrapping things together using positive and negative space, everyone has a different understanding of the work. All objects can be wrapped. I wrap anything and everything with thread wherever I can. In the process of making works, I gain a lot,  I get to know myself better. 

      My work is abstract and personal, drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese artwork as well as contemporary viewpoints. I use normal, everyday objects (i.e. chopsticks, paper towels, and Q-tip) as well as traditional Chinese literature as starting points. At the same time, I look outward for visual cues to inform my choices of line, shape, and color.